JEWCY T-Shirts

Sizes available: XS-6X

Colors: black, red, navy and white

Cost: $15 each

To order:
email micahbazant@yahoo.com or call Miriam: (510) 652-2196
For mail orders: additional $5 shipping and handling charge per order

With the purchase of this shirt, not only are you shouting out your Jewish sexiness, you are supporting the 2002 Next Generation gathering. This event brings together young Jewish activists working in social change movements from labor, youth and environmental organizing to feminist, anti-racist, queer and trans liberation struggles. The gathering happened for the first time on the west coast this spring, and was a life changing experience for all participants. For the first time, many of us were able to fully integrate our political and spiritual selves, to begin to merge our intensive work with a nourishing and sacred Jewish practice. The work we are doing is radiating out into our communities, and transforming Judaism into a more loving, inclusive and radical culture. Thank you for supporting our shared future.

You are Jewcy

The JEWCY t-shirt sale is offered by Jewcy West, a West coast Next Generation gathering.
The Jewcy retreat is a project of the Shalom Center in Philadelphia, founded by Rabbi Arthur Waskow.

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